storage soLutions for the Lakes Area

We serve the entire central Minnesota Lakes area! Our containers are your solution if you're just looking for some extra space. Our storage containers retain all the functionality and benefits of a traditional storage space - however, these storage containers can be right on your property. ISR Containers are dropped off at your location and remain their as long as you see fit. This gives you the freedom to load/unload as needed, 24 hour access to your belongings, and that peace of mind knowing that if you need something it's not "off in storage".



Containers available are 20ft long, 8ft wide, and 8ft tall. Our containers are slightly smaller than our trailers, but still offer plenty of room. They also feature a tight seal, ensuring your belongings aren't affected by weather or rodents. If this is the option for you, ISR will deliver a container to your specified location, and drop it at a site of your choosing. Loading and unloading is then at your discretion. When your done with the container, after doing it's job of keeping your possessions safe, ISR will promptly remove the container from your property, returning your site back to normal. including Crosslake, Brainerd, Pequot Lakes

How long can my trailer/container be held/stored?
Trailers/Containers can be held at the ISR facility or on your site indefinitely. How long you need the container is how long tit will be available.
How many size trailers are available?
We currently only offer one size Trailer and Container.
Are there restrictions to when I can have trailers picked up/delivered?
ISR will work with you. Trailers/Containers can be picked up/delivered at your convenience
My project will take place over the holidays, will ISR still deliver?
Yes, ISR will deliver over the holidays. We will do the best we can to meet your schedule and accommodate your storage needs.
If my trailer is stored at the IRS facility, and my belongings are lost, stolen, or damaged, will I be compensated?
Yes, If your items are damage as a result of an ISR failure, You will be compensated. However if damage results because of improper packing, ISR is not at fault. Please contact us for details.
How secure is the ISR facility?
Our storage facility is located on our premises, This ensures that your belongings are being watched over 24/7.
What are the rates for using ISR?
Our rates vary depending on how long you need the storage container and how where the delivery location is for the trailer/container.<br />

Please contact us with any questions regarding prices and availability of our storage containers and storage trailers.